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Major Innovations and New Business Opportunities

 The INTMET project is working to achieve two major innovations:

  • A new and efficient technology to deal with low-grade, complex ores which will change the current and future operations of mineral deposits (including recycling of metals in tailings and metallurgical wastes) in Europe and elsewhere;
  • A new mining (mine-to-metal) business model based on the technology breakthroughs

Having mining companies as end-users, this new business model not only creates new opportunities for the minerals industry but also contributes to a more sustainable management of land and the minerals by reducing environmental impacts, increasing the efficiency of the resources (less energy, less water needed) and by valorizing valuable metals currently discarded.

This project has received funding from the  European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and  innovation programme under grant agreement n° 689515
Horizon 2020 - European Union funding for Research & Innovation