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Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals (IMN)

Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals (IMN)

The Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals based in Gliwice, Poland, is a leading scientific centre of the Polish non-ferrous industry. The Institute´s research covers all stages of metallic materials production: from ore treatment to technologies for the production of modern products meeting all environmental standards

The Department of Hydrometallurgy is equipped with modern test and measurement instruments and possess laboratories for carrying out studies into leaching processes, phase separation, treatment of solutions, enrichment processes, synthesis and chemical analysis. The electrochemical laboratory is equipped with technical and measuring apparatus to carry out studies into

electrolysis, metals electro refining and electrode processes. The Institute also has a laboratory adjusted to precious metals recovery and refining (gold, platinum, etc.) from secondary materials and for conducting scientific-research works in the field of inorganic chemistry and chemistry of metals, including precious metals.

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