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INTMET is a European funded project titled. “Integrated innovative metallurgical system to benefit efficiently polymetallic, complex and low-grade ores and concentrates” (, and concentrates – as the titles indicates – on the difficult task to recover valuable metal from low-grade and complex ores. We will develop three innovative hydrometallurgical processes (atmospheric, pressure and bioleaching), and novel more effective metals extraction techniques (e.g. Cu/Zn solvent extraction and electro-winning, chloride media, MSA, etc.) that will be tested at relevant environment aiming to maximise metal recovery yield and minimising energy consumption and environmental footprint.

As part of our dissemination strategy, this newsletter will inform you from time to time about the project and important achievements. Enjoy reading and learn more about the project and the exiting new technologies for metal recovery.

If you have questions or remarks related to the project work, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We are open to discuss with you.

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Reducing EU’s dependency on non-ferrous metal imports
EU's low-grade polymetallic mineral deposits
The EU is self-sufficient in the production of construction minerals and also has a large production of industrial minerals, but it is heavily reliant on non-ferrous metal imports to satisfy domestic demand.  (e.g. 62% of used copper, 65% zinc, 45% Ag, 92% Au is imported). For several base metals including Critical Raw Materials (CRM) such as Rare Earth elements, Platinum Group Metals, indium and cobalt to name just a few, the EU countries completely rely on imports. However, Europe has considerable potential of low-grade polymetallic mineral deposits but they are often dismissed, because of the (mainly) technical impossibility to recover metals in an efficient and economically sustainable way. Currently there is no economical process for on-site metal extraction from low-grade poly-metallic deposits, and even more, there is not any industrial process able to deal with polymetallic (Cu+Zn+Pb) concentrates.  
INTMET's solutions
Mine-to-metal and more ...

The INTMET approach represents a radical solution and a unique technological breakthrough to overcome the limitations related to low-grade and complex ores to achieve high efficient recovery of valuable metals such as Cu, Zn, Pb, Ag, and also critical metals like Co, In, Sb. Main objective of INTMET is applying an on-site M2M (Mine-to-Metal) approach and integrated treatment of the produced concentrates, combining innovative hydrometallurgical processes (atmospheric, pressure and bioleaching), and novel metals extraction techniques (e.g. Cu/Zn-SX-EW). Additionally, secondary materials like (mining) tailings and metallurgical wastes will be added to the process for valorisation and metal recovery. The feasibility technical, environmental and economic of the entire approaches will be integrated to offer an innovative business solution.

A multi-sectoral consortium ...
... of European and South African partners
The INTMET industry-driven multi-sectoral Consortium consists of twelve partners from eight European countries and one partner from South Africa. It includes
·         # three technology providers: Outotec, Tecnicas Reunidas TR, and AGQ Mining & BioEnergy;
·         # and the consultancy expert network in mineral policy MinPol.
The Consortium has expertise along the entire value chain and most partners are also committed to this technology innovation > Polymetore Commitment. The Consortium is supported by an Advisory Board and an Innovation Committee.
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This project has received funding from the  European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and  innovation programme under grant agreement n° 689515

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